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    Cleaning instructions for hot-dip galvanized strip

    Hot-dip galvanized strip steel is widely used and has become an indispensable part of our life. Galvanized strip steel is often used in light steel keel, roof, ceiling and other applications. For hot-dip galvanized strip products, how should we clean them in our daily life? Here we will introduce hot-dip galvanized strip steel to you in detail. Strip cleaning instructions, so that you have a better understanding of it.

    I believe you know that there are some dirt on the surface of galvanized strip steel for a long time, such as oil, iron powder and dust, which will affect the quality of galvanized strip steel. Therefore, it is necessary to clean hot galvanized strip steel. The cleaning methods of hot galvanized strip steel generally include: alkali solution cleaning, alkali solution soaking, electrolytic cleaning, hot water rinsing and so on. Washing method can control the total amount of residual oil and carbon on the surface of galvanized strip steel at a very low level, and the surface of galvanized strip steel will be grinded during cleaning, which to a certain extent will improve the adhesion of the strip steel surface, so hot-dip galvanized strip steel cleaning is very necessary.

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