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    What are the main problems of hot-dip galvanized strip

    When we use a basic product, we must know the main quality of its products and the problems that will arise afterwards. In this case, it becomes an important aspect to understand the main problems of hot-dip galvanized strip products. In order to ensure that we use galvanized strip steel. More seriously, so, now a brief introduction of hot galvanized strip hot products of the main problems.

    First of all, its main problems are in four aspects: thickness, hardness, tension and crimping. We can't make mistakes in any aspect. First of all, taking thickness as an example, it is precisely because different manufacturers have different basic requirements for a product. Under such circumstances, we mainly produce basic thickness products. After using, thickness naturally becomes necessary. Pay attention to and conform to the standard products.

    In hot-dip galvanized strip, we should carefully observe the degree of annealing, and in different degrees may affect the subsequent product hardness and softness problems.

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